“How To Raise Money So You Can Make Your Movie”

Introducing The Film Finance Guide

Based on a decade of indie movie producing experience, you will get a no-fluff, easy to follow step-by-step film finance system so YOU can pitch investors, get money and make your movie.

  • Discover the pitch that investors can’t ignore
  • Find investors so you can make your pitch
  • Uncover the 5 tips to getting movie money

Tom_MalloyDear Filmmaker -

Getting money to make your movie is one of the most challenging aspects of the filmmaking process. I'm speaking from experience.

My name is Tom Malloy. I have raised more than $25 million in private equity from independent financiers to write and produce nearly all the films that my company, Trick Candle Productions has made.

To help you raise money for your movies (and avoid some of my mistakes), I have put together the Independent Film Finance Guide. This system allows you to formulate a professional strategy for getting money from investors so you can make your movie.

“Introducing Tom Malloy’s Film Finance Guide”

Instead of making yourself crazy with all the unknowns, you can follow a simple system. And when you complete the steps, you will understand how to get your paperwork in order, find investors and get the money.

The film finance system is comprised of SIX training modules and additional bonus material. When you sign up, you will be issued with a user name and password that will grant you access to the following training.

  • Module 1 – Prep Your Project

    This module provides an intro to the course as well as an explanation on how to Prep Your Project. Prepping your project may be the most important step!

  • Module 2 – Create Your Pitch

    When you’re in the room with that High Net Worth Individual (HNI), your goal is to get him or her to write the check. This module teaches you how to pitch!

  • Module 3 – Find The Money

    In this module, you will discover the tactics to find money. These are the funding secrets most successful movie producers will never tell you.

  • Module 4 – Raise The Money

    Once you locate film funding prospects, this module will provide techniques for actually presenting, pitching and closing investors.

  • Module 5 – More Techniques

    You will receive expanded detail on raising money. These film financing tactics have been specifically designed to give you an additional edge.

  • Module 6 – Special Tips

    In this module you will find additional strategies to help you overcome personal limitations and accelerate your filmmaking career.


In this system, Brubaker and Malloy demystify one of the most misunderstood and most essential aspects of independent filmmaking: raising the money.

- Jared Tweedie, Hollywood Screenwriter

“Frequently Asked Questions”

“What If I don’t live in Hollywood?”

Actually, that’s awesome. Even if you don’t live in Hollywood or have any industry connections — you can quickly work the system from your small home town. These secret film funding strategies will enable you to find and get meetings with prospective investors.

It really couldn’t be any more straight-forward unless we worked the system for you. That means, in as little as a few months, you’ll be well on your way to approaching investors and raising movie money!


I truly believe that without Tom Malloy’s information, we would have never been successful on our Kickstarter Campaign.

- George Antonopoulos, Filmmaker - Born To Lead

“Okay, So How Much To Access This System?”

Because this professional film finance system is based on actual experience and not theory, a system like this could easily sell for thousands of dollars. In fact if you attended one of those weekend workshops, you’d probably pay nearly $1,297. And if you do the research, you’ll find that most of those industry “gurus” have never even produced a movie!

But we are not going to charge you anywhere close to that amount. In fact, your total investment for the entire film finance system is just $97. Using this system will more than jump-start your film financing strategy. And think about it: in most towns, what you pay here is less than steak dinner and a movie for two. . .


Tom’s willingness to share his experience and advice so openly has definitely helped launch us on our way to producing our first feature film.

- DJ Travis and Ellen Yee Say, Filmmakers

“Why are we nearly giving this system away?”

Here is how we can do it. This system consists of several training modules that can be accessed within a few minutes. So for the most part, we have no inventory and no fulfillment costs. And aside from an occasional assistant, we do not have to pay anybody to go to the post office or take phone calls.

Although, if you need to call us, you can dial 310-746-3868.

So if it’s OK with you, we’d rather slash your price so you can get started producing your movie. . .

“Finance Your Movie BONUS Materials”

To make this deal even more robust, I’ve added 3 bonuses to complement your film finance strategy. I created these bonus materials myself and think they will really help you define your “get movie money” strategy.

Film Finance Guide Interview (So You Can Get Started Fast)

In this detailed interview transcript, producer Jason Brubaker interviews Tom Malloy on the essentials of finding investors, making the pitch and closing the deal. In this guide, we answer your most frequently asked questions about the film funding process.

Investor Cold-Call Role Play (So You Hear A Pitch In Action)

In this bonus module, producer Jason Brubaker plays the role of a prospective investor. Tom Malloy then makes a call to Jason and together they role-play what a real life cold call would sound like. Utilize this audio to prep your call, so you can get a face-to-face meeting with an investor.

Investor Prep Checklist (So You Can Prep For Meetings)

The Investor Prep Checklist will enable you to plan for your prospective investor meetings. This checklist takes the guess work out of what you need to succeed. Do not go into meetings blind.

Follow this checklist to prep for prospective investor meetings.

“Take Action and Get Started In Minutes"

With this film finance system, you won’t get a whole bunch of page filler about foreign pre-sales, doctors and dentists and plane tickets to Cannes. Instead you’ll get real world advice, based on actual experience!

The information contained in this film finance system represents over a decade of the REAL experience. It is NOT fluff. It is NOT theory. The value of this information is worth far more than the current $97 sale price.

And in case you think I’m just saying this to get you to BUY NOW, you should know the price of this program has already gone up a few times. This is because it is worth a lot more than the price you’ll pay here. So to make sure you get your special price, simply click the buy now button below.


Buying Tom Malloy’s film funding information was money well spent! It’s action packed with tons of information that you can’t get anywhere else!

And what I loved most is that Tom gives it to you straight, with no chaser. He helps you set realistic expectations, and then instructs you on the best way to execute them. The knowledge really helped me, especially the business plan info.

You owe it to yourself and the movie you want to finance to buy this.

- Derrick Richardson, Founder and CEO of Arthawk Entertainment Inc.

“How Do I Get Started?”

Once your payment is processed, your exclusive user name and password will be emailed to you. These unique credentials will provide you with access to the entire “Film Finance Guide system.”

Your advanced step-by-step film finance system has been specifically designed to give you an edge over all the other filmmakers who are not serious, yet still clamoring to find, pitch and close investors. Think of how this information will accelerate YOUR career.

When most filmmakers are crossing their fingers, hoping for their lucky break. . . You can create your own luck. Isn’t that worth the investment?

“Our No-Horseplay 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.”

I personally put a ton of work into making this one of the best step-by-step film finance systems in the world. And since most competing systems were created by people who never actually produced a movie - We are convinced you won’t find a better system to help you raise money for your movie. When you get the system, you are free to try it out for 60 days. If you follow the system (and really give it a shot) we guarantee you will be satisfied. But if this system does not help you get you closer to your goals, we will happily return your money. And as our gift, you can even keep your downloads!


Look, if you want to know about shoes, you go to a shoemaker. If you want to know about building things, you go to an engineer. But if you want to know about funding films, and making progress toward a dream, then call the man who’s done it - Call Tom Malloy.

- Mike Michaud, Filmmaker

“Get Started Today, Risk Free!”

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Film Finance Guide

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Got questions? Call us 310-746-3868


Tom understands what it takes to close an investor and to even find them! He is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend him. I left with tons of great ideas that are working for me every day.

- Carole Joyce, Producer

I am really excited for you. You are about to discover the rare film funding lessons that took me years to learn. And I frankly can’t wait to see your movies!


Tom Malloy
Indie Film Finance Expert
(Raised over 25M for my projects.)

P.S. Compared to the money you will raise for your movie, the $97 dollars you invest for your film finance eduction is a fraction of a line item on your film’s budget, even if you were making a low budget movie.

P.P.S. This system is an investment in your filmmaking business. If you are serious about your career, this information will provide a solid road map and potentially accelerate your success.

P.P.S. The information contained in this system comes from someone who actually raised over 25M in film funding. For this reason, I know you'll get a ton of actionable ideas. But if you are not satisfied with the information in this system, send me an email or give us a call at 310.746.3868 within 60 days… And you will get 100% of your money refunded. That’s how confident I am that you will be satisfied with this course.

Why don’t you give it a try? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click here to get instant access.

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